Escalation of the Unwilling

coalition_map.gifWhat a week, eh? It’s not yet “Humpday,” but in the past 48 hours, the Bush administration has had to endure three distinct diplomatic blows at the hands of international allies. The term “allies”, of course, refers to nations that at one point agreed with the U.S. administration’s ideology on issues of global relations – that is, until they realized they’d been manipulated, lied to, and disingenuously dealt with.
SPAIN: “Spain’s new leader firm on Iraq”

Spain’s new leader is standing firm in his pledge to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq, despite U.S. and British pressure…Last week, Zapatero rejected an appeal from U.S. President George W. Bush to stand by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq.

HONDURAS: “Honduras to pull troops out of Iraq”

The US-led coalition in Iraq suffered its second defection in 24 hours yesterday when Honduran President Ricardo Maduro said he would withdraw his nation’s 368 troops “as soon as possible”.

JORDAN: “Jordan’s King Delays Bush Meeting, Cites Mideast Stance”

Jordan’s King Abdullah postponed a meeting with President Bush scheduled for tomorrow, citing concerns about Washington’s position on the Middle East peace process, officials said yesterday.

Wait! Don’t forget this extra-special bonus round of glum spirits and/or outright defections:
THAILAND: “Honduras to pull out troops, and Thais look shaky”

The Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, said of his troops: “If we get hurt or killed, I will not keep them there.” The Thai Senate began a debate yesterday on a resolution calling for the troops to come home.

THE PHILIPPINES and SOUTH AMERICA: (also from “Honduras to pull troops out of Iraq”, referenced above)

Philippines President Gloria Arroyo said she was “unlikely” to withdraw 100 soldiers and police officers stationed in Iraq. Mrs Arroyo, who faces a tight election on May 10, has been slammed by opposition politicians for the Iraq commitment.
“She loves President Bush more than her countrymen,” Senate candidate Juan Ponce Enrile said.
The Honduran troops are attached to the Spanish regiment in Iraq, along with 374 Salvadoran and 302 Dominican troops who are due to go home in July. Nicaragua’s 115 troops left Iraq in February and were not replaced.

These weak-willed foreign leaders, so clearly cowering in their boots, having been influenced by the Madrid terror attacks…Oh, wait, that was just Spain, and their voting population was already 90 percent against their nation’s policy in Iraq before last month’s presidential election, and that was before former President (and Bush ally) Jose Maria Aznar’s administration lied to the public about Basque separatist responsibility for the terror attacks.
The American public, meanwhile, can rest assured that we must be getting the “correct” news, as opposed to all this discouraging foreign nonsense about dishonesty and deception, since a CNN/USA Today poll released Monday shows President Bush leading presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry by 51 percent to 46 percent in a survey of likely voters taken this past weekend.

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They noted some o’that news over at
Their tagline?
“In a crippling blow to the coalition forces, Honduras also pulls out of Iraq. Two burros and three men named Pepe expected home shortly.”

wow, guys, how topical your trolling is…
in other related news, TV Land will be broadcasting nothing but silence during the finale of NBC’s Friends finale in a few weeks. and did you hear? david beckham cheated on his wife!!!
and mcclain, my dear chappy, while the accomplishments of roughly 400 hondurans may mean little or nothing to you, in all your ‘south of the border’ joking splendor, i’m sure those 400 people might mean something significant to the 100 american servicemen and women who have died in the past three weeks in iraq.
it must be quite a morale boost for an already glum bunch of american soldiers to see your peers pulling out left and right. there’ve been quite a few american servicemen/women suicides over the past year, and realistically, i think this will only increase if this international exit-trend continues (see also the dominican republic’s maneuvering a few short hours after i put up the original post above).
at least we can look forward to bringing in an additional 20k american servicefolks in the near future. escalation, indeed.
and now i’ll leave you, kingjack, to more of your tangential (to be kind about it) comments.

Wow, that’s more scrolling than I really need.
Go easy on that cut’n’paste thing, will ya?
And, uh, jean-paul:
I’m sorry you’re the sort of person who likes to sneer and gloat when things go badly for Americans. Did an American do something bad to you when you were little? Or has your Bush-is-the-devil obsession now metastasized into full-blown Ameriphobia?

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