Profiles in Coverage (Uppage)

bush as kennedy

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you probably think yer being clever or something.
i remember jfk saying something about “pay any price, bear any burden for the defense of liberty…” and he was talking about the good of american and her values and hoping to share it with the rest of the world that was under the thumb of cruel dictators. the hardships were worth the goal.
when bush wants to change the world and extend american values to those brutally oppressed, it is something of a joke to people on the left. liberalism used to be about freeing the world, and helping those who are abused by thugs and despots. now its a stupid joke for the “left”
perhaps gwb is the heir of jfk. when kerry says he’d settle for “stability,” whether it is democratic or not, that speaks to the sad decay of the left which doesn’t seem to believe in anything, so long as it can’t make fun of bush.
maybe bush will lose the election. thats how politics is. but he took a chance to make a difference in the world. it’s not easy, and things take time, but in the long run the world will be better. here, bush is the dreamer. yer just pampered children with a website who have never had to struggle for anything.

“perhaps gwb is the heir of jfk”
Well… they are both over-privileged ivy league brats who used family connections to get into office. They both appear to know how to have a good time (hookers, coke). Both are famous for speaking gaffes, eg, berliner, most of what comes out of GW’s mouth.
“bush is the dreamer” can’t argue with that. My favorite homemade billboard in a while? “Support our troops”… next sign “Send Bush to mars”

Having been annoying myself longer than you by checking Mary-Margaret’s posts, I can assure you he DOES think he’s clever. It’s just that nobody else does.
What a maroon.

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