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8lee.jpgJennifer 8. Lee is the New York Times comer known for her networking skills the New York Sun has gone so far as to suggest that Lee is the second coming of Katharine Graham. And though the comparison may be apposite, it’s unlikely the legendary Washington Post editrix ever used Yahoo Groups to help report her stories.
While the Harvard98 Yahoo Group typically traffics in less-than-rousing political banter and questions about housing in Dallas, subscribers are occasionally met with queries from Jenny 8. herself.
Most recently Jenny inquired about people scared to eat fish because of mercury levels; it’s fair to assume we can expect a Times article on that very topic in the near future.
Don’t believe it? Well consider the following email sent to the Harvard98 group on April 12, 2003:

From: “Jennifer 8. Lee”
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 08:06:03 -0700 (PDT)
To: [email protected]
Subject: [harvard98] SARS: affected by sars in seattle (SF/LA)
this has to be one of the stranger requests i have made to this list
does anyone know of people in seattle (most likely with links to asia) who is thinking of/affected by SARS. that is (not in parallel structure), family there, school exchanges that were cancelled, business trips that have been cancelled, local tourist business that is down, quarantined etc.
and if not seattle, people in San Fran and Los Angeles would be good too.

And then treat yourself to her article in the New York Times four days later, In U.S., Fear Is Spreading Faster Than SARS, datelined April 16, 2003 and reported by Jennifer 8. Lee. From the article: Back in Seattle, though, concerns among co-workers led several employers to ask the participants to work from home
Still don’t believe it? Well screw you.
This is not the first time Jenny 8.s Harvard cronies have assisted her. Wonkette has bravely exposed the shadowy cabal of former classmates who have helped make Jennifer 8. Lee the heir to D.C. royalty. The master’s house continues to burn.

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Why will no story regarding Jenny address the burning question “Why is her middle initial/name a f^*king ‘8’?!?”

Here’s another annoying request for information that Katherine 8. Graham (I mean Jenny Lee) has posted on the Harvard-NYC Yahoo Group list. Look for the article soon!:
From: “Jennifer 8. Lee”
Date: Wed Dec 22, 2004 7:31 am
Subject: what happens when xmas/new years fall on saturday?
I’m looking for interesting observations about what happens when Christmas/New Years fall on a Saturday. For example, on Wall Street, the New Years holiday simply evaporates since the stock markets are open on both Friday and Monday. Some small businesses that serve Wall Street may lose the day off too. I’m trying to find a company or an employee who is experiencing this.
Movies opening days are being shifted to Wednesdays and Saturdays since no one wants to open on Christmas Eve (one of the least busy movie nights of the year). NYC Chinese restaurants, which typically have their busiest
day of the year on Christmas (thanks to influx of Jewish patrons), have said they are disappointed that they lose a weekday where they usually see a spike in business.
NYC public schools are only off 6 days, as opposed to a more typical 7 or 8.
People who have Saturday shifts when most people in their industry work Monday-Friday may find themselves getting the Friday off (the “official observed holiday”) but then having to work on the actual day (Christmas and New Years). I’m trying to find anyone who is experiencing this or anything else odd.
Any observations, anecdotes, examples, welcome.
jennifer 8. lee
the new york times
metropolitan desk
229 west 43rd street
new york, ny 10036

in the story above, click on the word “suggest” and scroll down to the last few paragraphs. it explains the origins of her middile name therein.

What’s wrong with having an interesting middle name like 8? Peanuts cartoon series by Charles Schultz had a character named 5, with a two younger siblings named 4 and 3. and there’s rapper 50 Cents. “by Jennifer 8. Lee” is a perfectly nice byline.
Why is everyone attacking her here? She’s a damn good writer and a very nice person. Have you all gone wacko?
NOTA BENE: 5 is a character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles Schulz. He
debuted in 1963, and continued to appear on and off until 1981. 5 has
spiky hair and sometimes wears a shirt with (what else?) the number
five on it. His full name is 555 95472 (accent on the 4), with 95472
being the family’s “last name” (actually their ZIP Code, which in real
life corresponds to the zip code for Sebastopol, California). Lucy
suggested that his father had changed all of the family’s names to
numbers as a protest, to call attention to the way that he felt like
numbers were taking over people’s identities. 5 himself felt that this
was actually his father’s way of “giving in.” 5 also has two sisters
named 3 and 4.

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