April Fool’s “Hipster Fuck-for-all”

lc_april_flowers.jpgThings we gleaned from various comments, here and elsewhere, after posting our super-special, super-personal, and perhaps all-too-misguided, April Fool’s Day edition:

“i was getting kinda up in arms at the vacuousness of the posts”
“when did this delicious blog turn into a hipster fuck-for-all, replete with cat blogging and musical faves?”

And then there was an exquisitely enjoyable comment, which we’re paraphrasing here, after its having been apparently deleted from the relevant Gothamist post, explaining the author’s thesis that

“April Fools jokes, by their very nature, need to be funny, and unfortunately, Low Culture is not funny.”

Seriously, though, “hipster fuck-for-all” is the best-ever grouping of words we’ve ever come across.

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The comment got deleted because Gothamist is so quiant and precious they get upset when comments are not simply people patting themselves on the back.
But on a positive note, good luck to Gothamist on trying to get some Nick Denton VC funding. You go Gothamist!

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