Sex and the Sunday Comics

Are Sundays just not the same without that Sex and the City fix? Well, for those modern gals who count SATC, Tasti D-Lite and Sunday Styles among their desert island picks, low culture has the remedy.
Ladies, treat yourself to a lo-cal binge on the comic strip Cathy. In many ways our Cathy is the original Carrie Bradshaw – perpetually whining, pathologically self-aware, and ultimately interested in only the four c’s of diamond buying (that’s cut, color, carat, and clarity if you didn’t know). But Cathy is more than just ur-SATC – she’s newly engaged.
irvinggalotti.jpgIndeed that Mr. Big of the comics page, Irving, has finally proposed. And Cathy said yes! Although she might not have the fantastic support group that Carrie did, her ever kvetching mother is sure to provide all the doubt and dialogue that the three viragos of SATC managed to shriek. And while you can’t buy Cathy’s clothing, wouldn’t a collectible print of Cathy’s journey to wedded bliss prove the perfect alternative?
With this record-length will they/won’t they finally resolved, we can finally shift our concerns to other comics: will Heart of the City ever play doctor with sci-fi geek/sidekick Dean? Will Mallard Fillmore ever agree with those liberal professors? And can the Lockhorns ever get along?
Indeed the mewling, man-hungry women of SATC may have retired, but the comics page is here to save the day.

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