We Will Never Forget

50_first_sunshines23.jpgHow many high-concept romantic comedies can one moviegoer take? Two, apparently – 50 First Dates and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – although we’ll just have to wait until Friday for The Prince & Me. Clip and go with low culture’s handy guide to all those heady laughers and never get confused again.
Island setting:
50FD – Oahu, Hawaii
ESSM – Rockville Centre, Long Island
Former comedian turned serious actor in lead:
50FD – Adam Sandler
ESSM – Jim Carrey
Female lead with body issues (chubby):
50FD – Drew Barrymore
ESSM – Kate Winslet
Unattractive, humorous male sidekick:
50FD – Rob Schneider
ESSM – David Cross
Former Hobbit in supporting role:
50FD – Sean Astin
ESSM – Elijah Wood
Long-term or short-term memory loss?
50FD – Short-term
ESSM – Long-term
Literary aspirations:
50FD – Lead character named for writer Henry Roth
ESSM – Title taken from Alexander Pope poem
Piece of crap?
50FD – Yes
ESSM – No, mostly

3 replies on “We Will Never Forget”

cute. and i thought that essm was simply beautiful, although the dunderheads in the audience who asked, “did you get that?” while the credits rolled would probably disagree with me.

your threshold for “chubby” seems to be quite low…barrymore and winslet are–as you say–chubby, I suppose, when compared to say a post-anorexia christina ricci. nothing like having media-dictated criteria for women’s bodies thrust at us once again…and again…and again…these actors (barrymore/winslet) are, um, NORMAL. they fucking eat food. get it?

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