Google News ♥s Troop Morale

So, you’re hankering for more news articles about President Bush, and you enter some Google News search terms that you suppose will bring up likely hits. You know, all the current and past administration/media buzzwords such as “National Guard” and “terrorism” and “Al-Qaeda” and “Washington”…
Only, you get the following instead. Damned imperfect technology.

U.S. soldier arrested in Washington state for allegedly aiding al-Qaida
SEATTLE (AP) – A U.S. National Guardsman stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash. was arrested Thursday and charged by the army with trying to provide information to the al-Qaida terrorist network, a federal law-enforcement official said.
The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Spc. Ryan Anderson was charged with “aiding the enemy by wrongfully attempting to communicate and give intelligence to the al-Qaida terrorist network.”
It was not immediately known what information Anderson allegedly provided.

Next time, I guess “Iraq” or “economy” or “Wasn’t James Yee acquitted after his career was ruined?” will narrow the field a bit more.