“What Me, Junkie?”

Mad woman Courtney Love…. and MAD‘s Alfred E. Neuman.
Related: Check out how much MAD has changed (under editor John Ficarra) since you were ten. The ‘usual gang of idiots’ are carrying switchblades:
“A Variety Ad We’d Like to See…”
“If Norman Rockwell Depicted the 21st Century”
COPPA be damned: this isn’t your kid’s MAD.

3 replies on ““What Me, Junkie?””

Ficarra must be considering that his readerhip never changed. theyre the same kids, still living in their bedrooms, who think that homosexuals carry hankerchiefs in their back pockets.

Good point, Kevin. The handkerchief joke is dated and not funny. My point was just, that MAD isn’t all “The Lighter Side Of… Fast Food” anymore. And it’s a lot more ‘adult’ under John Ficarra than it was when I used to read it as a kid.

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