One Dimension, at most

“[Dimension] broke the glass ceiling. Instead of looking up at it and wondering, What goes on up there? they found out. [The Weinstein brothers] love money. It was, Oh my god, isn’t this wonderful. And it came in so fast it was mind-altering.”— Jack Foley, former VP of Distribution, Miramax as quoted by Peter Biskind in Down and Dirty Pictures, page 173)
They apparently also found the rock-bottom, and went right through it:
Title: Girls Gone Wild
Log line: A thirtysomething woman endures a horrible breakup with her boyfriend and decides to go a little wild on a vacation with two best friends.
Writer: Anya Kochoff
Agent: Endeavor
Buyer: Dimension Films
Price: n/a
Genre: Comedy
Logged: 2/2/04
More: Pitch. Anya Kochoff and Josie Rosen will produce.
(From Done Deal, Feb. 3, 2004)
Anyone care to guess the cast? Debra Messing, perhaps? Maybe Lea Remini? Or maybe Kari Wuhrer.

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Why not all three?
Or how about Juliette Lewis as the wacky best friend – that seems to be what her agent is selling her as.
Actually, though, when I think 30something and horrible breakup these days, I think Mary Louise Parker. But she did this movie already: Boys on the Side.

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