I think they sell hoagies

From Roger Friedman’s FOX 411 column, Feb. 3, 2004:

Of all the Super Bowl ads on Sunday, my favorite was the one for Kudos to the creators of it who used a little known piece of music from the early ’80s called “I Dig You” by a group called Cult Hero. Until I heard it on Sunday I thought I was the only person in the world who knew this record ever existed. I don’t know what is, but it must be smart…

Sidebar: Can any superfans confirm this Cult Hero/The Cure thing?

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I was a little taken aback when I heard the ad also, but I’d never have the temerity to suggest that I’m the only one who’s heard of it.
I have the single–it came out on Friction in 1980
and is definitely a Robert Smith project. Cure fans are an obsessive lot, so there’s a lot of documentation of this tidbit available.
While he was at it, why didn’t he sell “Killing an Arab” to the US Army???

well, i didn’t find out about it on my own. a friend had to send me an mp3 and tell me that cult hero was a precursor to the cure.
it’s sort of interesting to see how the cure evolved from a punk sound to the more gothic rock they’re known for. early cure songs like “killing an arab” or “jumping someone else’s train” were so stripped down and bare compared to what they were doing only a year or two later on “faith.”
/music nerd

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