Justin and Janet and Mick and Tina

Sir Mick: “Let me help you with that, Tina, darling.”
This is for all you kids who are excited about the fact that Justin Timberlake “accidentally” tore off Janet Jackson’s costume during the half-time show at the Superbowl. I want to tell you it’s already been done way the fuck back in 1985 by Mick Jagger and Tina Turner at Live Aid. Oh, and they pretended it was an accident, too.
But they did for all those starving kids in Africa, not for Viacom.

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It’s too bad Kid Rock,or even better, Nelly didn’t take out their cock’s and piss “Go Patriots” on the stage. Now that would have been a half-time show.

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool liberal who worked for a high profile “nudie” magazine for 5 years. My sister has been a stripper in the Long Beach “hood” for the past 6 years. My boyfriend of 4 years is a boxer with some rather dubious alliances. By the way, I was raised on the Oakland Raiders (dad being a season ticket holder). I am anything but a conservative, or a prude. But SuperBowl half-time was a display of celebrities who have sunk so deeply into their own hype and their insatiable appetite for attention, and their belief that they are unique and “shocking”. Strange antics date back to true musicians like Robert Johnson and up to bands like Led Zepplin, Sex Pistols, and Parliament. These half-time kids are made from conglomerate cookie-cutter molds. They are not interesting, intelligent, provocative or different. An exposed tit was bad form, given the projected 80 million U.S. viewers (it turned out to be 90 million U.S., a billion worldwide.), especially since the adults use half-time to pee and refill their beers while kids and grandparents watch the fluffy, irrelevance of sports. This game was one of the best games I’ve ever seen in my life. It will go down in history as being such. What is soooo fu*#ed up is that this historical event will never exist on it’s merits alone. This game will always live in the shadow of the debauched excesses of NellyJanetJustinPDiddy who, sadly, will probably never be happy with mere omnipotence.

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