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In response to being included in New York magazine’s “Best of New York” balloting this year, the proprietor of posted a rather sheepish and self-deprecating series of analogies to a few of his competitors in “Best New York Blog”:

“I’m afraid if there’s a weblog equivalent of Sweeps Week programming, I ain’t got it. At best, I’m IFC to Gawker’s Fox; Sundance to Gothamist’s NBC; Jon Favreau to Jarvis’s Aaron Brown; James Lipton to Aaron’s that guy from Full Frontal Fashion. I’d better start drafting my congratulations speech now.”

With that in mind, we took his cue and flushed out his analogies a bit more, even daring to venture outside the five boroughs of New York (it is still called the “world wide” web, right?).

Blog: Cable Network Equivalent: cable-ifc-sundance.gif
The Kicker cable-ifc-sundance.gif
Gawker cable-ifc-sundance.gif
Gothamist cable-ifc-sundance.gif
BuzzMachine cable-ifc-sundance.gif
Maud Newton cable-ifc-sundance.gif
TMFTML cable-ifc-sundance.gif
MemeFirst cable-ifc-sundance.gif
…and because we live in a
500-channel universe:
Old Hag cable-ifc-sundance.gif
whatevs cable-ifc-sundance.gif
Boing Boing cable-ifc-sundance.gif
InstaPundit cable-ifc-sundance.gif
…and, of course:  
low culture cable-ifc-sundance.gif

(Sadly, here’s another round of uber-incestuous meta-blog commentaries. Catering to an audience of 30 people like this? We’re ashamed of ourselves, too.)

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Thanks, Matt! I understand where greg is coming from, re: Gothamist as NBC (it might be our enthusiasm for Law and Order and Conan; maybe we’re like USA/TNT when L&O appears), but we never would have agreed to air Coupling.

Hey Jen, just a point of information: that post was written by JP. But, like Eurythmics, we too are one. Except on Tracy Morgan. JP doesn’t “get” him.

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