Those 70′s Guys

From this week’s New Yorker, ‘Talk of the Town’:
“The Reverend William Sloane Coffin, now seventy-nine and suffering from terminal heart disease…” The Light Of Sunday by Ben McGrath
“Tobin grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and still lives there, in a four-bedroom house on a quiet tree-lined street. Seventy-nine years old, he works most days at his law firm, a few minutes away.” Times Warp by Alicia DeSantis
“Omar Sharif—Cairo Fred to his friends—has played a bandit and a Catholic priest and Khalil Gibran and Tsar Nicholas II and the British agent Cedric, who gets trash-compacted in “Top Secret!” He is seventy-one.” Cairo Fred by Dana Goodyear
Of course, this guy makes them all seem like pishers:
“Richard Walter, who is eighty-one, and his wife, Linda, who is a little younger than that (they’ve been married for thirty-five years), sleep in separate bedrooms in apartment 6D at 1016 Fifth Avenue, an elegant limestone-and-brick prewar building that faces the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along one of the most expensive strips of real estate in New York.” The Noises by Nick Paumgarten

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