Commander in Chief of Pop

gwbbloglogo_120.jpgAfter all the discussion last month about President Bush’s dismissal of the national news media as a “filter”, rather than a conduit, for his “message”, it’s super-meta-blogging quiz time here at low culture: Between Michael Jackson and George W. Bush, guess which public figure had his media folks say this about his newly-launched blog (the obvious giveaways have been “blacked out“):

“…the Web site allows _____ to bypass the news media to deliver his side of the story to the public.
“He’s able to communicate with those people interested without the message being filtered by the media,” said _____. “If he wants to put out an 800-word press release, you can read all 800 words.”

Bonus points go to whomever can guess which of these two public figures has been arrested at some point in his life (though I guess that doesn’t really help to clarify anything).
Extra bonus points go to whomever can justify, or at least explain, the use of the scribbled crayon font in Bush’s blog logo (see the actual graphic above).
*(Answer, if you really care about the previous quote: Michael Jackson.)

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