Thanksgiving 2003: the Mourn of Plenty

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Army Spc. Rel A. Ravago IV, age 21; Glendale, CA
Enlisted American fatalities since March 2003
[With apologies and admiration for George Lois.]

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Honestly, this is pretty low class. All Americans, whether they agree or disagree with the war, cannot stand to suffer the loss of any more life in Iraq. What you think is a moving, stirring image of the war actually offends the intelligence of your poltically minded readers, and cheapens the sacrifice these men and women are making for their country.
Of course, I still love your site.

i must respectfully disagree with your assertion…i hope you clicked on the primary link for contextual purposes; the image is a link to a mirror-image, more or less, esquire cover from 30 years prior, documenting the very early days of vietnam casualities, and prepared during the near-waning days of that war. in other words, the esquire cover, showing the way in which many americans had become blinded to the innumerable deaths overseas, was the “moving, stirring image,” not ours.
we merely were trying to reference, visually, the link between the two “morasses” aka “slogs” that many people on the left and right have been either making or disproving, respectively.
it’s merely an extension of that dialogue, and not in any way meant to “move”, “stir”, or, most importantly, exploit.

Fair enough. I like that you read into “move” and “stir” which were, in fact, codewords for exploit.
My concern stems from the fact I don’t think our current situation is comparable to Vietnam. People are very aware of what is going on in Iraq (new age of media in war, etc.).

The sheeple are aware of what’s going on in Iraq? really?
Do they know about this?
or how about this…
How about what’s happening at home?
Open your god given eyes and take a good hard look at where the elite are taking this country. It’s no longer “left” vs. “right”. It’s now “Us” vs. “Them”.

For all of those CO’s, I got a phrase for them; Go to hell! If they didn’t want to be in the fog of war why did they join up in the first place. The ranks of the CO’s are filled with the people who joined up for the G.I. only, and though it was just their one-way ticket to college. Well sorry for them that they forgot what they enlisted into.

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