The Dated Game

heartcover.jpgWere you aware that online dating is all the rage? If you missed last year’s big story, this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine is happy to provide all the anonymous profiles you need to understand “how Internet dating is re-engineering flirtation…” As if that’s not exciting enough, in a low culture exclusive, we’re previewing feature pieces from future issues of the Times Magazine.
Las Nuevas Sonidas: Why Ricky Martin represents a seismic shift in popular music.
Dave Eggers: Remember the name. This low-key moptop is about to revolutionize the publishing industry.
Swinging from a Star: Does swing dancing portend a sea change in the bar scene?
Napster This!: How one little computer program will profoundly change the music industry.

4 replies on “The Dated Game”

guy your alot funnyer then those other to guys who arnt named guy you should loose them and start you’re own web sight
also the one about martin amos was funny to

dave i think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me (although you really haven’t said much, and admittedly that was more written than said)
i think it’s time to take how fresh is this guy? to version 2.1
you’ve got the catchphrase and i’ve got a dream — will the fun ever start?

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