Hey New York Magazine: Whaaaaaaaaaaaazuppp?!

rapwars.gifThis week, New York Magazine took a break from passing the Grey Poupon and traveled uptown—way, way uptown—to write about something called rap ‘music.’
But more amazing than having the Towncar take you across 110th Street, is the fact that New York also went back in time for their headline, “Got Beef?”
“Got Beef?” Not a bad hed. Where’d they come up with that?
Hey, New York, next time try to Think Different, won’t you?
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8 replies on “Hey New York Magazine: Whaaaaaaaaaaaazuppp?!”

I always think all celebrities–even pishers like Justin Timberlake–are older than me even when they’re not. Maybe it’s because they have lawyers and accountants (and millions of dollars) and stuff: it makes them seem so mature.

I still can’t get over the fact that I watched Ja Rule sit there with Farrakhan for an hour.
NY Mag seems to be hurting a little bit on this one. Old news doesn’t make good news just because you have new authors. I wonder what the folks out in the Hamptons are saying right now as they read this… “Honey, check this out – this 50 Cent Piece guy doesn’t like this other Jeffrey Atkins guy for some reason – do you think he’s related to Dr. Atkins or something?”

There’s a bit in the book The Rules of Attraction (never saw the movie but doubt it’s in there) about this guy having an anxiety attack when he notices the Playboy centerfold he’s spanking off to is younger than him. I thought that was quaint … until it happened to me.

I suppose it’s nowhere near the same thing but I had a similar reaction when I realized one year that the hockey draftees were younger than I were. Now it’s just ridiculous.

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