The politics of refurbishment

bush-chrismorris.jpgWelcome to multimedia corner here at low culture!
In keeping with this week’s visit to the United Kingdom by President Bush, the British comedian- cum- scandal-artist -cum-filmmaker Chris Morris has re-posted his two “Bushwhacked” cut-and-paste parody collages of the President’s 2002 and 2003 State of the Union addresses.
While these have circulated as audio files since, well, a few days after the initial speech(es) were made, those of us with “digital divide-less” broadband connections are now treated to the full audio-visual experience, which is a vast improvement on the nearly year-old MP3s.
To borrow a phrase that the papers seem so fond of citing, “nearly seven months since President Bush declared the end of major combat operations in Iraq,” there’s something quite perverse about seeing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi grin wickedly at Bush’s butchered announcement that “the American flag stands for…cutting out tongues…and rape.”