The chump’s stump speech

President Bush, despite his being a longtime proponent of repetitive mantras, really ought to look into hiring a new set of speechwriters, lest we have to endure, yet again, his uttering the following lines when asked about protests against his administration’s policies.
November 20, 2003, on London’s protesters:
“Freedom is beautiful,” Bush said today, adding he was happy to be in a country where people were allowed to speak their minds freely. “All I know is that people in Baghdad weren’t allowed to do this until recent history.”
November 17, 2003, anticipating London’s protesters:
“I am so pleased to be going to a country which says that people are allowed to express their mind. That’s fantastic. Freedom is a beautiful thing,” he told the Press Association.
May 21, 2003, on Berlin’s protesters:
“That’s good. That’s democracy,” Bush said of the protests. “See, I love to visit a place that is confident in her freedom, a place where people feel free to express themselves, because that’s what I believe in.”
February 15, 2003, on worldwide protests:
“The president views force as a last resort. He still hopes for a peaceful resolution and that is up to Saddam Hussein,” White House spokeswoman Jeanie Mamo said. “The president is a strong advocate for freedom and democracy. And one of the democratic values that we hold dear is the right of people to peacefully assemble and express their views.”
Have we reached saturation yet?

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Clearly you’re not a rock ‘n’ roll fan: three chords my friend. It’s all just three chords. Oh, and the truth. It’s all just Three Chords and the Truth.

Didn’t Bush sound like he was high or something when he said “freedom is beautiful”? Chris Morris could certainly make hay with that sample.
(Or Emergency Broadcast Network, if I hadn’t put a hex on their career after they slept with my then-girlfriend.)

All of EBN slept with your then-girlfriend? As I recall, there were like 9 of them, plus Shyheim the Rugged Child. Oh, wait. That was the Wu-Tang Clan. Disregard.

When you’re right, you’re right. How many different ways are there to say it?
What Bush is saying is the truth. Me thinks you protest too much. Get out there and protest his policies — and don’t be afraid that by doing so you will make his point. It’s been made already.

No, he keeps repeating it because there is no other response. When the rest of the world hates you, you can’t appear too snippy.

“Freedom is a beautiful thing” clearly means “I would shoot those liberal fucking pinkos if I could get away with it.”

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