Not Here, Not Now

Kmart using Jesus Jones‘ paean to democracy in Eastern Europe? That’s just wrong. Really wrong.

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man, that shit about the fiddle in the canadian link is priceless. and kmart, meanwhile– couldnt they have gone to the straight source and grabbed primal scream? that would have been doubly ironic, altho i guess there’s no way the rights would have been granted.
a la pontiac or cadillac or whomever using led zeppelin to score a commercial campaign with the theme “break on through to the other side.”
god, i love license/rights-negotiation issues.

Well, I think Mr. Haber was tricked into thinking J. Jones was some kind of B. Dylan of the early-’90s, when it was just a contrived Madchester knock-off. Plus, they were signed to SBK, the label responsible back then for all the records that managed to sell billions, yet somehow no one will admit to having bought. (Vanilla Ice, Jon Secada, Technotronic, Wilson Phillips … a bunch of very expensive flops as well.)

looks like we’re set for a certain b.c. city to start using jesus jones’ “welcome back, victoria” for their commercials. which in turn could prompt the empress hotel to use primal scream’s “ivy ivy ivy” in their commercials.

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