Design cliches are universally bad

A reader alerted us to the existence of MacUpdate: Macintosh Software & Games and, well, we laughed.
The lesson to be learned here is that if you know, when using cliched design cues like arrows and such, that they are in fact just that, i.e. outdated cliches, you’re better off not using them. But we like to think our more runic (and almost donkey-esque!) logo is a lot less elephant-like than theirs. Something about partisan politics, perhaps.
Although, the whole left-right, blue-and-orange thing is so, so weird. Our lawyer agrees.

One reply on “Design cliches are universally bad”

I rather prefer the phallic nature of your logo. I’m sure the cyberporn or… cyb3r pr0n, as I like to call it… industry would agree!


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