Happy Birthday, Johnny-boy

jkgalb1.jpgJohn Kenneth Galbraith, 95 years young today.
Why is he in the shallow column? Because he told Esquire in 2002: “I’ve always thought that true good sense requires one to see and comment upon the ridiculous,” which is a pretty good motto for the left side of this page (right in the UK). Then again, he could just as easily go in the grave column for inadvertently writing the epitaph for the Bush administration when he said “If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.” Tonight, he will be saying something else: “More cake, please.”

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It’s also the birthday of Ken’s bosom pal (and neighbor) Arthur Schlesinger Jr, a sprightly 85.

May I also note that I once saw Arthur Schlesinger Jr. at a party at George Plimpton’s house? There, that’s my brief contribution to Plymptoniana.

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