Stop laughing and get Syria(s)

Please excuse the two geographic-pun-based grave headlines in a row. Won’t happen again, unless Bush decides to cower at the heels of Iraq’s neighbor to the east. In which case, get ready for something awful, along the lines of “And Iran, I ran so far away…”
So, getting serious: James Ridgeway at the Village Voice (whose weekly “Mondo Washington” column is an excellent, must-read synopsis of national events) details the apparently increasing consensus that, much like we rather flippantly made note of a few weeks back, Syria is next in line to bear the wrath of administration neocons.
This includes the possibility that, rather than engaging in yet another annual American attack on Muslim nations, the U.S. may indirectly sponsor Israel’s own efforts on this front:
Israel is becoming more and more active as a U.S. military surrogate in the Middle East. Last weekend Der Spiegel reported that Israel was ready to launch an attack against Iran’s nuclear sites to prevent them from becoming operational. And, basing its reports on U.S. government sources, the Los Angeles Times claimed that Israel could fire nuclear-modified U.S.-made Harpoon cruise missiles from its submarines. The Israeli nuclear arsenal is believed to include 100 to 200 warheads that can be delivered by missiles, planes, and submarines. The Israelis claim there are no restrictions on converting Harpoons so that they can deliver nuclear warheads.
Maybe it’s just a commonplace fear of annihilation, but…attacking nuclear sites that may or may not be operational, with nuclear weapons no less, seems, well…neither “neo” nor “conservative.” Just stupid.