Let’s get ready to eat freeee shrimp cocktail from Haaaaarvey!

Forgetting everything we all know about crabs in a barrel, David Poland has picked a fight with his fellow online movie and celebrity bottom feeder, Roger Friedman. Here’s the tale of the tape:
Battle of the Online Junket All Stars
In the Left Coast corner, weighing in at 155 lbs.: David “Hot Button” Poland.
And in the Right Coast corner, weighing in somewhere north of 225 lbs., Roger “Fox 411” Friedman.
Poland comes out swinging at Roger the Dodger, throwing the first punch:
There are lies, damned lies and statistics. And then there are lies posing as statistics, brought to life by stunning professional ignorance, whether intentional or coincidental. Such is the province of Roger Friedman, internet gossip and a suck-up of the highest order.
In rapid succession, he lands the second:
Friedman goes to town with his unsubstantiated, but “there is no question” analysis of the wins of Oscar screeners past. He starts with Sony Classics, citing Talk To Her, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Winged Migration. Can you spot the spin?
And then, he hits below the belt with a phantom punch:
What were the other fat, bloated studio films that dominated the Oscars before Friedman’s indie heroes saved the world?
Did he just call Friedman fat and bloated? Tune in tomorrow for Roger’s rejoinder.

2 replies on “Let’s get ready to eat freeee shrimp cocktail from Haaaaarvey!”

I hate Roger Friedman more than Poland. Poland has smarter things to say and is generally less pandering. Friedman is like a little windup doll Harvey controls. And his blind items suck.

Agreed, Jen. Friedman is awful. I used to work at News Digital Media (the division of News, Corp. that oversaw and other sites before it folded) and I used to voluntarily send corrections to the producer who posted Friedman’s column everyday. As far as I can tell, the guy has only three sources and he gets everything wrong.

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