Chuck’s a jinx!

It’s hard to miss the way that some people hate on Chuck Klosterman. Yes, the guy wrote a book with a bad title, is ubiquitous to the point of saturation, and he somehow managed to convince Virginia Heffernan to buy a Billy Joel CD with her Times corporate Amex. That can be grating. But think about the positive things he’s done, like making it possible for the Brady family to play the Keystone Kops at the amusement park. See, Chuck isn’t such a jinx!

One reply on “Chuck’s a jinx!”

“But “low culture”? I didn’t know intellectuals, even Beigeist morons like Klosterman, could get away with using phrases like “high” and “low” culture anymore. Even ironically.”
so i guess mark ames is a big fan of yer blog, eh?

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