There’s “Running,” and then there’s “Running”

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post has filed another excellent dispatch from the Bush frontlines, documenting the president’s two speeches to businessmen and military reservists in New Hampshire today.
The subject matter (“Bush Says Iraq Is ‘Better Than You Probably Think'”) is fairly amusing in and of itself, using the classic Bush methodology of lowering his audience’s expectations (anyone remember that tactic as used in the October 2000 Presidential debates?). But the real kicker is the unfortunate double entendre spoken by our commander-in-chief this afternoon (paying special attention to the word in bold type):
President Bush told Americans today that the situation in Iraq is “a lot better than you probably think,” as he sought to rally the flagging support for the U.S. occupation.
In twin speeches here in New Hampshire, the president kicked off an effort to revive determination to remain in Iraq, saying “Americans are not the running kind.”

Now, is that “running” as in “to run away from something,” or “running” as in “running or governing a nation which we conquered”?