The most obscure joke of all time (at the expense of the voters, no less)?

Big dilemma here, for those attuned to the details of election red tape (you know, x number of voters needed to get a measure on the ballot, y number of dollars to lobby for its passage). We’re assuming the New York Times, when it prepared this handy chart about the 2003 California recall “election”, used official data from the state’s registrar or other relevant election official.
So, then…pay close attention to the detail we’ve provided of the accompanying graphic which appeared on the Times’ website this morning: Are we really to believe that Peter Camejo, the Green Party‘s candidate for governor in both this and the last statewide election, is a Financial Investment Advisor? That is so fucked up.

2 replies on “The most obscure joke of all time (at the expense of the voters, no less)?”

yeah, i sadly suspected it was something akin to that, but am nonetheless ‘pleased as punch’ by the ever-so-slight tweaking of expectations that inevitably ensues when one sees that title, Financial Investment Advisor. so i guess it’s less of a funny “ha ha” than a funny “tweaked”. hell, i would have at least put a “Progressive” before the “Financial Investment Advisor” title had i been mr camejo.
oh well. i guess it’s sadly true after all that greens have no sense of humor. kucinich ’04!

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