Best evidence that The Village Voice doesn’t copy edit its “Best of New York” issue

best subway line to spot someone reading white teeth or the corrections – L TRAIN
Capturing the NPR zeitgeist of the L TRAIN, these discursive tomes are daily removed from vintage satchels and displayed accordingly. On a recent Brooklyn-bound excursion, a guy with a bunny-eared copy of Franzen’s Saul Bellow-styled smarminess surreptitiously scoped an asymmetrically coiffed woman equally unwrapped in Zadie Smith’s pre-Autograph Man shaggy dog. If the faux literati were pretending to read the Marquis de Sade with their morning coffee, rush hour would be much more interesting. -Brandon Stosuy

“Bunny-eared”? I think the phrase Brandon is looking for is “dog-eared,” right?