O, Arnold Why art thou?

arnoldbroom.gifRipping a page out of the Coen brothers’ canon, Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance this weekend brandishing a broom and promising sweep Gray Davis out of office.
Not bad, but where’s his “little man”? To wit, here’s Candidate Homer Stokes speechifyin’ in O, Brother Where Art Thou?
And I say to you that the great state
a Mississippi cannot afford four more
years a Pappy O’Daniel – four more
years a cronyism, nepotism, rascalism
and service to the Innarests! The
choice, she’s a clear ‘un: Pappy
O’Daniel, slave a the Innarests; Homer
Stokes, servant a the little man! Ain’t
that right, little fella?

The midget enthusiastically seconds:
He ain’t lyin’!
When the litle man says jump, Homer
Stokes says how high? And, ladies’n
jettymens, the little man has
admonished me to grasp the broom a
ree-form and sweep this state clean!

[Script via Script-o-Rama]