Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have a job

The Antic Muse takes one for the team and sits through an agonizing meeting full of corporate double (and triple?) speak.
Question: Have the speakers been frozen in ice since 1999, or are they like those Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender after WWII?

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this reminds me of my managment consulting days so long ago trying to convince my superiors that there was a real word for what they called “linkages” and that word was “links.”
but way more striking is that japanese soldier stuff. how could you stay at war an extra 30 years by yourself? i’m not sure what a modern equivalent to this would be. perhaps believing that there still might be wmds in iraq?

didn’t kurosawa do a (rather lousy) short film loosely about this in his 1990 film? or am i wrong? some soldier revisited by his dead comrades?

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