Where Imitation Meets Flattery

“When I hear about The Onion having imitators, I just think, ‘Why? Do us one better. Think of something else that we haven’t thought of.'” – Maria Schneider, staff writer, The Onion.
Disillusioned teens sue Woody Allen for deceiving them
“‘I thought this movie was going to be like “American Pie” since Jason Biggs was in it,’ said 14 year old Amy Blake of Davenport, Iowa. ‘Instead there were all these stupid references from that old Jewish guy in those black glasses about the Nazis, the Gestapo and psychoanalysis. What the hell?!'” Dateline Hollywood, “Talk of the ‘Wood,” 9/22/03
Adam Sandler Fans Disappointed by Intelligent, Nuanced Performance
“Adam Sandler fans across the nation expressed deep disappointment in the new film Punch-Drunk Love, which features an intelligent, nuanced lead performance by the comedian. ‘He didn’t even do his funny high-pitched “retardo guy” voice,’ said college student Bradley Sanderson, 19, after seeing the critically lauded film Tuesday.” The Onion, 10/30/02 (archived on