“Synergy,” circa 2003

File under: If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.
The Believer busts McSweeney’s for snark.
It is with trepidation that I even enter the McSweeneys/Believer/”Snark Watch” fray–long is the list of (better) writers who’ve approached that three-headed dog only to be maimed and bloodied. For all I know, Ken Krimstein and Forest Aguirre are both Dave Eggers (Heck, Alice Munro might be, too), and this whole thing is just another hall-of-mirrors mindfuck that flies right over my head.
Or it’s a sad case of Dave Eggers’ posse being trapped in the Andes, eating each other one by one…

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Hi there,
This is just weird. I was looking for some of my old stories online, so googled myself, and then found the snark review with “Forest Aguirre” as the author. My real, given name is Forrest Aguirre, and I am livid about this. I’ve emailed The Believer and told them to put the real author’s name up and give me contact information before I take legal action. I am just furious about this – I’ve spent years building up my reputation as a writer and editor (I’ve won the World Fantasy Award recently for my editorial work), and can hardly believe that someone would use my name (granted: mis-spelled) without my permisssion. If you know anything about this, I’d like to know, because I’m totally in the dark, and will be pursuing litigation if things aren’t set straight. I feel like I’m caught in a Philip K. Dick novel here.
Forrest Aguirre

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