Remember the Neediest

What is the deal with The New York Times and The Bottom Line? Four articles in one week? This is the sort of “flood the zone” coverage we’ve come to expect from stories about poverty (“The Neediest” series comes to mind), not an aging nightclub in Greenwich Village and its rent problems with New York University. Maybe Bill Keller is a big rock fan.
The Bottom Line shares it’s building with my old department at NYU, yet I never went there once. Anyway, here’s a timeline of Times coverage (a Timesline, perhaps?):
Village Club May Face Swan Song Over Rent by Jim Dwyer, Sept. 15, 2003
For Younger Music Fans, a Club Is, Well, History by Michael Slackman, Sept. 16, 2003
At the Bottom Line, Holding Out Hope for a Lifeline by Robin Finn, Sept. 19, 2003
Can’t Miss the Sag at the Bottom Line by Michael Brick, Sept. 21, 2003

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