The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Colin Powell, who famously took “conclusive evidence” to the U.N. stating that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, is now claiming that Iran is on the same path.
We’re looking forward to a U.N. performance by Condaleeza Rice to convince the world that this time we mean it, for real.

Grave Satirical

1 Hectare = 1 Vote

After reviewing the election results by county, the Bush administration is looking into amending the U.S. Constitution to apportion votes by hectares rather than utilizing the Electoral College:
If that fails to pass the stringent process for amending the Constitution, variations such as “1 Bible = 1 Vote” will be considered.


Getting the Most From Their Advertising Dollar

It’s common to place ads in articles or TV shows to reach a target demographic, but this in-line advertisement which is embedded in a story in the Washington Times about a Georgia man who killed himself at the site of the World Trade Center might be a little too targeted:
The President is probably assured of a filibuster-proof Senate after the next mid-term elections if all the Democrats kill themselves, move to Canada, or secede.