They Fuck You Up, Your Mum and Dad: The casts of The Celebration and Arrested Development.
Daily Variety is reporting that Mitch Hurwitz, creator of FOX’s beloved—but chronically ratings bereft—sitcom Arrested Development, will not oversee the Bluth family’s move to Showtime’s gated premium cable community.
Fans of the series will no doubt be saddened by this news, but Bluth lovers should celebrate. Specifically, they should have a Celebration—Thomas Vinterberg’s Dogme # 1: The Celebration.

Arrested Development The Celebration
Stately, isolated location: Model Home Stately, isolated location: Hotel
Imposing yet flawed patriarch: George Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor) Imposing yet flawed patriarch: Helge Klingenfeldt-Hansen (Henning Moritzen)
Tightly-wound, well-preserved mother: Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) Tightly-wound, well-preserved mother: Mother (Birthe Neumann)
Male/female fraternal twins: Michael (Jason Bateman) and his sister Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) Male/female fraternal twins: Christian (Ulrich Thomsen) and his late sister Linda
Blustery, dim-witted brother: GOB (Will Arnett) Blustery, dim-witted brother: Michael (Thomas Bo Larsen)
Ditzy younger sibling with an “inappropriate” lover: Buster (Tony Hale) and Lucille Austero (Liza Minelli) Ditzy younger sibling with an “inappropriate” lover: Helene (Paprika Steen) and Gbatokai (Gbatokai Dakinah)
Deep Dark Secret: Broke Deep Dark Secret: Too dark to reveal
Funny ha-ha Funny awkward