It’s Really, Really Easy Being Greenspan
(Or, Duuuuh, Capital)

I’m Rich, Bee-yatch!: Completely un-retouched first paperback edition cover.
According to today’s EXCLUSIVE report by Keith J. Kelly in The New York Post, Alan Greenspan has just sold his memoir to Penguin, Inc. for between $8.5-$9 million.
You don’t have to be a former Fed Chairman to know that’s a lot of money! Why, you could pay off your credit card debt, your student loan, your refinanced mortgage, and still have some cash left over to buy a Powerball ticket. With those winnings, you might be able to finally vest your stock options and make some real dough! Party like it’s 1999, Greenie!
But what is Penguin getting for its money? Good question. A quick look at Greenspan’s contributions to Ayn Rand’s 1967 essay collection, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal reveals the brilliant insights that made Greenspan indispensable to four administrations. Here’s one from page 96:
Clearly worth every penny.