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Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, vol. 59


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Call me crazy, but the first thing that entered my mind when I looked at this shot was: Bob Pollard and Interpol. Now, I realize I’m committing blasphem-indy here, but the pic is pretty rock+roll. Don’t get me wrong- I hate Bush and I love Bob! If Bob was the Pres I betchya It would look just like that! Dude on the left is totally rockin’ this creepy pale Tom Verlane/singer dude outta Interpol look- that falling lock of hair, that moody downcast stare, and the folded hands. Creepy folded hands! Christ, the more Iook at this picture the worse it gets, looks like Bush is doing something I could only dream of, takin a big ol’ American shit on the presidental chair in some presidental room. Dag! Dudes are all clappin’!
Except Tom V. over there, he looks like hes gonna touch it!

Someone just needs to photoshop some rubber gloves onto the guy standing behind the President.

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