Steve Jobs’ Reading List

Outside the Apple Store in Soho, downtown New York, Sunday, October 9, 2005
A close-up of the books featured in the window display, above.
Not one, nor two, but three copies of a book about “The White Power Movement”…?
Perhaps this reading selection explains why the black model of Apple’s new iPod Nano is particularly weak, and prone to scratching and complaints?

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frankly i find this whole “intellectual” and “progressive” pretense of theirs obscene. ultimately, it is about shoving increasingly shotty products down the throats of inherently yuppie ny liberals, by making them think that they too can buy their way out of the actual engagement in politics.

Hey guys, seriously…where can I mail you some more straws to desperately grasp? Sheesh.

That book is awesome! Elaine landau, the author, writes books for tweens about afterschool special topics. Some of my favorites of hers are”Weight: a Teenage Concern” and “Rabies” and also “Cigarettes”. She rocks.

I’ve read this book over and over again and am now waiting for the movie (or to be made into chowder).

“… increasingly shotty products…” did you mean shoddy? I hope you are not american. It would be a shame.
But coming back to the books. Just because someone read a book about a subject or three, that means that the person believe in that? I don’t know if he does believe, but having a book does not tell that. So what’s the problem.

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