Forget her lack of qualifications. Do we really want a Supreme Court Justice that dresses this badly?

And if you’re wondering what’s going on in the photo directly above, here’s the actual, honest-to-god caption, courtesy the Washington Post:

Court nominee Harriet Miers and Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) discussed Vermont’s foliage.
Photo Credit: By Melina Mara — The Washington Post

6 replies on “Forget her lack of qualifications. Do we really want a Supreme Court Justice that dresses this badly?”

arguably, this might actually work in her favor: as a justice, she’ll have to hide her offensive garments under a heavy black robe. it may even be a prequalification; think scalia wears armani or ginzburg dkny? can’t tell, can you?

I saw the pre-Supreme Court Justice Breyer rocking an ascot back around ’83, so perhaps they look for poorly dressed lawyers to hide under those robes. It also might explain Souter, who is no Fred Blassie himself.

I am also very confused. Ignoring gretchen’s nonsense and moving on to this ridiculous nominee. You would think that this soon after Bush’s incompitent FEMA appointee blew up in his face, he would, you know, nominate someone with qualifications. His nominees just get worse and worse. Gonzales was bad on torture, among other things, but at least he had experience, even if he didn’t do a very good job. From there we moved to John Bolton who had at least worked for the government, even if that work was in opposition to the very body he was to represent his country in. After that we got some love from John “Cheshire cat” Roberts who may not have had any opinions but at least he had been a judge at some point. Now we get this disaster of a nominee who has absolutely nothing to recommend her except for her close relationship to the President. Fortunately, Bush hasn’t shown even the slightest bit of tendency towards cronyism so I’m sure we can trust him on this one. Oh wait, Brownie wasn’t qualified either, was he? Oh well, that worked out alright I guess, except for all the people who died because of his incompitence.

The American flag pin on her lapel is a nice touch. But wait, what’s she hiding? Is that some kind of stain under that pin? Have Harriet and W being getting naughty in the oval office? The love affair continues….

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