Fox Searchlight, Meet Award-Winning Director Jonathan Glazer

Above: Scenes from Jonathan Glazer’s 1998 video for UNKLE’s Rabbit in Your Headlights
Below: Scenes from Timur Bekmambetov’s 2005 feature Night Watch
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Whoa. Who would have ever thought that two movies would feature scenes with a character walking in traffic, with three — count ’em, three! — extremely rare types of shots: The close-up, the middle-range shot, and the wide-angle shot with the character in front of one of the vehicles and a teeny bit off to the side. This, clearly, is cause for investigation.

not to mention that wasn’t night watch released in Russia in like . . . 1999? Maybe thats too far back, but it feels like I saw that movie ages ago . . . also, really, what are the odds that this Russian director is really into UNKLE?

I just watched Jonathan Glazers new movie, “Birth” with nicole kidman. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about it, not knowing who he was. But starring nicole kidman, I thought, “it can’t be that bad”. Boy, was I surprised at the genius of his talent. Brillantly woven in mystery, was this love story which moved me to tears. Her love for her dead husband, was so strong, even in death I was all choked up.
One thing I didn’t understand was the final scene. Did she realize at her wedding that itwas Sean afterall???? The boy gave her a final letter, was it in that letter that she realized it was really him??? And why at the wedding did she run out to the seaside???
Someone please answer me!!!!

in LC’s defense, when I saw the trailer for “night watch” I immediately thought the same thing. the way in the trailer the woman is knocked in the side is just like the way it was in the UNKLE video. and the way the car flips over vs. the last car being completely destroyed? it was a little close to me. not a steal, but i guess great minds do think alike.

And it’s not like we’ve seen cgi crows descend on a city before, or demonic babydolls with robot spider legs or anything. Still, the movie is fantastic. You can still find torrents of the original Russian, I think (and I’m kind of shocked it’s [years later] found distribution here).

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