Von Trigga, Please

That Word Must Mean Something Different in Danish: The Manderlay trailer.
The trailer for Lars Von Trier’s latest exercise in actor torture, Manderlay, is out. If Von Trier brings his characteristic subtlety and humanism to the project, I’m sure it will transcend the Tarantino-esque language of his trailer. And it might even be better than what it looks like: a remake of Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi’s execrable Goodbye, Uncle Tom.
Eh, who am I kidding? This thing has Mandingo 2005 written all over it. I’m guessing the reason Nicole Kidman’s not in it is that it offends her kids. Wonder what New Wave song will close this one out.

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What the hell are you talking about? It’s a period-movie, right? These were the terms used at the time. I know you hate von Trier, but this isn’t valid criticism. Valid criticism would be that he’s using deliberate shock tactics to gain attention.

Hell is a cineplex with Lars Von Trier movies playing 24/7. It’s more than shock tactics with him, I think he genuinely hates the movie viewer and thus tries to bombard us with … “his disease.”

Isn’t Manderlay the fake company that George Costanza made up? Who knew Lars von Trier was a “Seinfeld” fan?

He does hate the viewer. When people are contemptible it is noble to hate them. I loved Dogville, a Maoist “Our Town.” It was difficult, the first hour I thought it was the worst but as the discomfort and venality grew so did my enjoyment. It can be good to feel something at the movies other than fun or empty sentiment.

manderlay is the name of the “haunted” estate in hitchcock’s rebecca. i have no idea whether von trier is directly referencing the film or the book (because he’s a twisted danish bastard) but that’s where you may have heard the name before.

i have just watched hitchcock’s rebecca again. the film starts with The Second Mrs. de Winter reminiscing on her days at manderlay, as we see images of the building in ruins, years after a devastating fire. is this just a joke from von trier? playing with the master of the day, hitchcock, the only unanimity, in one of his most melodramatic moments? trier loves melodrama, that’s what he does best. manderlay could just be a odd way of ‘paying tribute’ to a classic. in the line of haneke taking inspiration from wyler’s the desperate hours to create the very post-modern funny games. i wonder what comes next… i’ve heard he will never make the third part of the trilogy. maybe he ran out of idols to burn.

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