Brothers in Arms

want_you.jpgGood news, Jeff Gannon! According to today’s New York Times‘ report, Pentagon Considers Changing the Legal Definition of Sodomy, by John Files:

The office of the general counsel at the Pentagon has proposed decriminalizing consensual sodomy among adults, a change to its 55-year-old policy on sodomy that would bring the military legal code more in line with laws that govern civilians, according to a memorandum sent to Congress.
The changes proposed by the Pentagon’s lawyers would narrow the definition to prohibit acts of sodomy with a person under age 16 or acts “committed by force.” Their memorandum says this would “conform more closely to other federal laws and regulations.”

Recruitment will surely go up—or, at least, recruits will go down—now.
Related: Anyone else enjoying Sundance Channel’s The Staircase, which also features a plot twist involving a military M4M escort? This documentary series is so good and so suspensefully constructed, it makes every iteration of Law & Order look like The Stick Figure Players Do Bad Twist Ending Theater.

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I have seen most of the episodes of The Staircase and I agree with you on how good it is. I am tempted to see how it ends by Googling the guy’s name but I have decided to watch the show to see how the case was decided. Good stuff.

“Oh great! Wait til I tell Karl Rove & Scott McClellan–or maybe I should show them….”

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