King of Kings or King of Pop?

Through all the accusations of pederasty, paedophilia, and boy-fucking, fans of both the Papacy and Michael Jackson have stood tall. Can you tell the difference? Click through for the answer.

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Just for the record, before I make any jokes, I’d just like to say that I don’t really believe that the new pope is a nazi. That doesn’t mean I won’t make any jokes though, just so you know.

Does any1 else feel it’s a step backwards for the catholic faith? Yet another out of touch old man who hasn’t even got the slightest idea on how to appeal to the modern world. God bless those brain washed idiots that call themselves catholic…
personally I think they don’t use contraception because they have to get new believers from somewhere….

Just because he’s old doesn’t mean he’s out of touch. The guy lists C++ on his resume. He’s a professor.
I don’t think he’s the greatest choice, but he’s not just a dottering fool.
Or is it just that you wanted to slam religion?

just the figure head of the most corrupt organization in the world, so what if he’s a nazi! i mean any religion that has people pay to get dead relatives out of the halfway house and into heaven, or makes you confess to a wrinkly old child molester when you could just pray to God yourself is ridiculous…the catholic church is worse than the mafia

C++ — no way?!? My understanding was that there was some kind of encyclical denouncing object-orientation, although it had not been considered an infallible pronouncement.

The Catholic church has never condoned the use of contraceptives, why would they change now? If people are having sex with people they don’t know very well and getting HIV among other diseases, I don’t believe they’re being very religious anyway, just stupid.
And Cardinal Ratzinger was the person who sped up the process of dealing with the child molestation issues to reach a quick resolvement. Even better now that he’s the Pope.

C++ … WTF? the only thing this guy knows about computers is how to exchange pics of 13 year old boys with MJ… Hail Ratzinger! Hail Ratzinger!

you asshole, ratzinger was put into Hitler’s youth against his will, like many other young Germans of his time. Stop being such a stuck up prick.

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