Please Extinguish All Votives Before Takeoff

mass1.jpgSalvete in VaticanAir! Recumbete et relaxate in levamentum dum vos refovemus cum mantele madido.

Welcome to VaticanAir! Stretch out and relax in comfort as we refresh you with a moist washcloth.

mass5.jpgProbate defigere balteum vestrum per acensum descensionemque.

Be sure to fasten your seatbelt during takeoff and landing.

mass2.jpgGaudeamus praebere varietatem de materias lectorium pro iucunditate vobis.

We are happy to offer a variety of reading materials for your pleasure.

mass3.jpgServabitur prandium parvum per fugum.

Light in-flight refreshment will be served.

mass4.jpgCistas vestri portabitur cum curam maioram.

Your luggage will be handled with the greatest care.

[Indulgete omnia errata mea, magistri mei…]

13 replies on “Please Extinguish All Votives Before Takeoff”

To the author and creator of this offensive travesty of a comic strip:
The inappropriateness with which you have taken the liberty to portray the catholic faith shows the person you are: an indecent, undignified creature.
You choose to make fun of the emotions of all Catholics around the globe inspired by what arouses our deepest respect and veneration, the mourning of a good honest man, our Pope.
Your misrepresentation of our Catholic mourning for our Pope was intended to blacken his highly steemed reputation. The act of misrepresenting maliciously the catholic faith is shameful. Your calculated remarks intended to damage Catholic traditions merit scorn and disdain. Your vile intentions to make fun of an emotionally charged event for 1 billion Catholic people show a contemptible attempt to blame the world for your failure as a human being. Have you no respect for others and their creed?
God forgive you for you do not know what you do.

Um- angry dude- did you mean “esteemed”? Cuz your little rant makes more sense if you did. Please check your dictionary or handy thesaurus before posting- it makes my head hurt otherwise. And I love the blog- it makes me smile. Only there isn’t any instructions for what happens when the Papal nose falls off (check out what happened back in the 60s with Pius XXIII- ewwwww). Thanks Low Culture! (and angry guy- you came to LOW Culture, not HIGHER MORAL GROUND- get it straight dude!)

Oh my…he was using humor…to make a point? WHAT? That’s rediculous… *hides under desk*

Does anyone even know if david’s Latin is good? Gotta love good Latin. So beautiful to the ear.

After all his suffering , even the holy father would be allowed a good laugh at this one.

I don’t know about his Latin but my Latin is nothing compared to my Geek. All forward Wharf Motors Mr Zulu!

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