New From the Network That Brought You Suddenly Susan

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So pathetic. What’ll they re-make next, “Keeping up Appearances” or “Are you being served?”

I am an AVID BBC Office fan, and I was PISSED about this remake, but I did laugh out loud at some of the stuff last night. I’m a little offput that they’re using the SAME SCRIPTS, but that guy from Anchorman who’s in the lead? GOD DAMN is he funny.

Actually, only the first ep used the same script, and all the others will be original. I was all set up to hate it but I laughed out loud several times. Slate’s Dana Stevens says the second episode is “vastly superior” to the first. I can’t wait.
BTW, did anyone catch that they substituted “Hilary Rodham Clinton” for the original’s “Camilla Parker Bowles”? It’s like a secret inside joke for viewers of the original!

The “gentleman and a scholar” bit right at the beginning had me howling.
Maybe it’s because I work for a very similar management team.

Lindsay most, if not all the British pop culture references peppered throughout the original have been changed to ones Americans might get. Basically the show has turned into a giant, visual Mad Libs sketch.

Lindsay, glad You liked it too. I think you’re wrong though (actually, I know your wrong) about the future scripts. They will all be exact copies of the British version, only subbing in American jokes (Mad Libs dubs, obvs). A friend of mine works for the show and says that basically all they do is spend a day popping in new jokes. The first two seasons’ scripts were finished in a week!

Yes, thank you, Steve Correll kicks ass, he made the pilot (as did the guy who put office supplies in Jell-O, talk about product placement).

Scratch that, the ABOVE comment was not made by me . The first three were me, then the last wasn’t, and the next two might be made by me– depending on my mood. This is like a real life episode of “The Office.” GOD DAMN I should be writing for the show, too!

its Stev Correll(aka Produce Pete) and no one on the entire island of Britain is as funny as him.
i pooped a hammer

actually, i was wrong.
i watched this tongith and it pales in comparison to the original series. Correl has his moments, but they are too few and not nearly as beautiful as those of Produce Pete.

Steve Carrell rocks. when he left the daily show i was worried for him… i hope that this show really goes off.
BTW… did anyone see him go back to the daily show for a segment… HILARIOUS!!!

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