Four Moore Films

[Michael] Moore’s newest project, Sicko, about the health-care industry, for which he’ll be paid about $25 million, will have a more resilient target: “It’ll never be the same for the H.M.O.’s again,” says Moore.
– “Moore’s War”, by Judy Bachrach, Vanity Fair, March 2005.
Since Moore’s last film was so successfully at solving the problem it addressed, here are some other topics we hope he tackles with his magical movie camera:
Hot Hot Heat: Global Warming, Local Warning – A hard-hitting look at how changes in the environment affect the weather. “This one’s gonna fix the whole planet—and the hole in Ozone above it,” says Moore.
Genocide X – Moore takes on another ‘Big One’: Genocide in Darfur. “We’re gonna speak truth to powerful warlords. We’re gonna save lives.”
Persons of Interest – More Americans are in debt; Moore, American, is incensed. “We’re gonna turn Greenspan green with this one.”
Don’t Drink the Water – Those clear bottles of spring water may look pure, but what’s inside them is anything but: the bottled water industry is all wet. “This film will refresh you—with insight!”