Together Again: America’s Favorite Vaudeville Team

“After you, my dear Alphonse!”
“You first, my dear Gaston!”
Update: How on earth did I miss this?
[via Reuters]

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Of course he’s afraid of getting smacked; he’s not dressed up like an army man.

Well, in answer to your question horns, I would say that it’s the American people who are getting smacked. I mean, Bush isn’t the one who’s going to go bankrupt if he gets cancer and he’s sure as hell not going to lose any family members in Iraq. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of the country under his auspicious leadership.
On another note, it’s nice to hear from you. I haven’t been able to check here much lately and when I do it seems you aren’t posting as much either. It’s sort of to bad as I’ve come to enjoy your particular interpretation of reality.

Soldier – right back at you!
Good to hear from you.
the inescapable reality of it all is that the time we spend arguing each other in seemingly perpetual futility is time that we will never get back again.
we each have different beliefs and we adhere to them.
i keep checking in for a post as funny as the one with Viktor Yushchenko in Frankenstein mode. but alas, i haven’t seen anything that rivals it.

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