Seriously, Who Appointed This Guy an Expert on Women Anyway?

You Do the Math: Harvard President Lawrence Summers
“Among his comments to a conference of economists last month, according to the transcript, Dr. Summers, a former secretary of the United States Treasury, compared the relatively low number of women in the sciences to the numbers of Catholics in investment banking, whites in the National Basketball Association and Jews in farming.”
Furor Lingers as Harvard Chief Gives Details of Talk on Women, by Patrick D. Healy and Sara Rimer, The New York Times, Feb. 18, 2005

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Well, can you guys offer a solution to why there are low number of females in Sciences. As a guy who has his Ph.D in Biochemistry. I probably could have counted the number of females in my faculty in one hand.

It seems to be a local phenomenon, Jason.
Women on the Physics Faculty by Country
Women in the Astronomical Union by Country

Even smart chicks don’t want to hang out with science geeks. In this vicious misguided country.
To disclose fully I’m not a science geek but just as unpopular.

What self-respecting scientist would waste 40 grand a year or whatever it is at a liberal “Ahts” school like “Hahvahd”? Oh, BTW, one of those non-existant women scientists just became presidnet of MIT, juts down the Charles…..
–Tom MIT ’81

Are you trolling?
“Local phenomenon”? To illustrate that point you link to charts that show in not one country do women constitute 50% of physicists or even 40% of members of the Astronomical Union.

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