“What do you mean I’m contractually obligated to wear that thing?”

Access Hollywood “reporter” Nancy O’Dell sports Wendy Pepper’s winning abomination from Project Runway
“But Nancy, saffron is so hot right now.”

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I like how this site manages to be snarky without every being actually funny. Move over, Gawker!

Am I hopelessly out of style that I don’t think that dress is so bad? If I had the legs I’d wear it.
I hear Nancy O’Dell banged Vin Diesel. True?

I don’t care if Vin Diesel IS gay – I would DEFINITELY still do him LOL… also I don’t think I could ever bring myself to wear one of Wendy’s hideous creations. I really hope Nancy was forced…

I really liked Nancy O’Dell’s dress. It looked very fun and flirty. She is so beautiful, and it was a great color for her.

I have to agree with Erin. Even if Vin was gayer than Christmas with a feather boa and an “I hate Pussy” t=shirt, I’d tie him down and bang him into next week.

I don’t know about Vin Diesel being gay, but he is short, and in my own personal (though limited) sexual experience, I have found that short men are not short in all areas.

I don’t know about Vin Diesel being gay, but he is short, and in my own personal (though limited) sexual experience, I have found that short men are not short in all areas.

Well the only major difference I can see is the bottom which simply was minus the feathers…I wonder if Wendy did the alteration for her…
Oh and considering that Vin Diesel was a bouncer at a gay bar in NYC and reportedly did some “bouncing” at the bar itself with its clientele…well…I wouldn’t kick him out of bed either….nor would I let him out of bed…

I’m sorry…..but, I think that it was a disaster in Wendy’s dress. Come on….Halloween was over 3 months ago. I so wish she would of worn Austin’s dress. Okay..I know Kara’s dress did have orange but it had elegance. If she didn’t want to wear the pants she could of gotten away using just the top. It was seductive…and flirty.

..You never know…dum dum dum…
..When you meet someone…
..Will she be the one…
..And I wonder to myself…
..have you washed…
..on the inside (get my drift).. dum

did anyone else watch the final three being judged on the final episode of project runway and for one fleeting moment when they were standing there on the stage right after wendy was told she had lost – did anyone else fantasize about the spotlight overhead falling on her and crushing her into a bloody pulp – and then the judges would just continue on to the next person like “ok: act of god, no great suprise considering, just keep moving?”

Wendy is so evil, she could teach Satan a thing or two. I pity her cute, though horribly named, child.

I was really happy her collection was so absolutely boring and unoriginal, it looked terrible next to Jay’s and Kara’s. It’s a shame she dyed her hair though, the Cruella DeVille look suited her just fine.

I love Wendy. Her collection was amazing and much better than the people who trash her ever could produce. Could you be a tad jealous of her success? Lastly, Nancy’s dress is lovely – either one worked well and much better than the other 3. Go Wendy! You people are really pathetic!

I totally AGREE with David! The show was set up to make Wendy look bad. There always has to be one person that is picked on. Wendy was strong willed and had a direction, so she was the one. Kara whined too much, she needed a pacifier, plus the things she griped about… she turned around and pulled herself! Didn’t Jay get pissed and say, “finally Miss Perfect” gets it. Jay was just funny to watch and to laugh at. Go Wendy! Go Melissa… by the way, she was the best Model too!!!

Wendy Pepper is a disaster, and yes Kara tried to pull a couple of fast ones. I was in Wendys cornor on the shoe issue because Kara acted so entitled over the whole thing, and Wendy had it right that time, BUT, Miss Wendy acted like a spoiled brat the whole 12 weeks or however long it was, she had an agenda, not to get to the end thru her talent but to WIN, at all costs. She studied her co-horts to find their weak spots and then acted accordingly. I don’t think the show revolved around making her look bad, she made herself look bad, and she is a good seamstress, but certainly not, I repeat not, a designer. Jay is awsome, glad he won, and what a great sense of humor!!!! Oh, and that dress that Wendy designed that Nancy wore after it was tweaked is a big zero, except for the color, I think she could’ve worn Kara’s dress without the ugly ass pants and looked classier. Indeed!!!!

The 3 Finalists Review:
Kara Saun: Yes she can sew and she won a few rounds but Kara Saun’s copycat style is on the immature side. Her ghetto queen “bling bling” style of silk, diamonds, leather and fur were kitchy. She can make a dress but has no real creativity or inspiration, she just copied whatver was around her and put fur on it?!?!?!? She is young and immature and lost site of the fact that people are going to wear these clothes. The only clothes that were wearable were her Gucci copies? And she was jealous of the fact that Wendy knew what she was doing who created great marketable clothes that women actually want to wear. Just because you can do something weird with fabric doesn’t mean you are a good designer.
Wendy Pepper: I only caught the last part of the series but all I can see was a women determined to win using her intuition and talent, which she has a lot of. In the beginning her appearance was lacking but she cleaned it up. Wendy understood this was a game show to win and not just a big slumper party for talent less youth. Wendy’s designs were more conservative and reflected her romantic environment. They were more mature, elegant and thought out as compared to the monstrosities made by the others. The reason her designs were being picked by everyone was because Wendy in her maturity understood that her designs should be something that a woman would want to wear in public not hang on a wall in an abstract art gallery. Her designs were romantic, at times edgy, beautiful and reserved. The other contestants thought they were impressing people by doing something that was different, bizarre and unwearable. Couple that with the fact that the judges were flaming queens who were judging whether the clothes looked good on drags queens as opposed to real women, and we have disharmony. Unfortunately the high fashion world is more concerned with creating trendy art pieces that impress gay men, than creating beautiful clothes that women want to wear. Wendy’s see through dress was absolutely beautiful and unique and I could see it being worn on the red carpet by an outgoing actress. Because the gay male judges saw “boobies” they decided to say it was unwearable. What was unwearable is a big magenta dress that looks like a big bird costume. Wendy Pepper is a good designer, and was right to defend herself and her clothes from the talentless cast who thought their clothes were good because they were younger than she was.
Jay: What can you say about an unrealistic flaming gay hick from PA who designs clothes that only Bjork and drag queens would find appealing. Jay can sew, make weird designs, he is artistic, and his designs were original and creative however… they were also unappealing, unrealistic and at times monstrous art creations that no real women would be seen in. Jay may act like a woman but he has no sense as to what real women want to walk around in. He was only chosen to tick off Wendy Pepper who had truly beautiful and marketable designs. That and the fact that he could relate to the gay judges.
Unfortunately when you are competing in a creative industry this type of back stabbing, jealous behavior is common in the work place.

So, any particular reason Kara Saun has to be associated with “ghetto” or is that some sort of ethnic dig? Just curious, because there are many connotations to the word, and it appears to be used in a very negative manner.
There was nothing crass about Kara Saun’s designs in her Fashion Week collection. It was definitely a throw-back to “The Aviator” look and time. Where is the “ghetto” in that?
OK, so her white dress with the fur shoulder drape looked similar to a Gucci design, it was still put together beautifully. Her detailed leather work is exquisite. What exactly makes that “ghetto” as I am lost on that definition. Looks more like artistry to me. I am interested in understanding what in the world makes an outfit “ghetto” in the manner it is used in a previous post?
As for the other designers, Jay has a very unique perspective on things, and his designs would be very appealing and fun to a younger set. Austin has a good handle on glamour and I like the way he sticks to his vision. Michael Kors and Co. were off base telling him he needs to get out of his “couture attitude.” Austin is staying true to himself and there’s a solid clientele for his work. Really, have you seen some of the things passing for couture on Let’s get real!
Wendy will always find work making bridesmaids dresses from hell. A visit to her web site says it all. Actually, how about labeling her work “ghetto?” After all, Middleburg, VA is a cliquish little town, where the majority of the population is of a certain ethnic persuasion and socio-economic foundation. Ergo, the definition of “ghetto.” I guess that means Wendy’s work is truly “ghetto!”

I enjoyed Project Runway immensely and found Kara Saun to be a huge hypocrite & Jay McCarroll amusing, but I wouldn’t buy anything either of them produced. At least Wendy Pepper was up front about her fashion ambitions and her designs are wearable in the real world.

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