Things About Which I Am Not Excited


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Formerly ‘The First Last Kiss’ (or ‘Last First Kiss’) the name was changed because EP Wink Mordaunt thought it sounded too much like Anglo-Saxon poetry. Now it sounds like bitch. Also you may not notice from the poster but it stars Will Smith, a famous American performer.

Really Michael! God forbid there should be a beautiful Hollywood couple who gets along and respects each other. God forbid that couple should actually be Black. Both of them, not just the guy! I love them both, even though he is lame. Jada is hot to death. Even if it flops, which it likely will, he is still everybody’s favorite boy next door. That won’t change. And, for the record, Jada rocks.

I HATE them too. That fake laugh of his!!!That we’re so cool attitude.His wife is also so impressed with herself. I saw him on Oprah yesterday and he wouldn’t let anyone else talk. All Will All the time. (I’m sooo hot).Don’t worry they love themselves, their voices, their images so much we can throw a little hate at them and it won’t make a dent. They are sooo…..uuucckkk

could you live in a world where choclate people don’t live by your rules. And they are still good people?

Yeah, only a soldier would think it looks like an “alright movie”. I feel sorry for people who watch this kind of drivel. We are all dumber now for thinking about it. Well, I’m not.

I personally liked Nameless’ response… he always seems to be the voice of reason – or the devil’s advocate – with his opinions. And what’s wrong with a positive attitude? Why be negative about people you don’t know and haven’t met, and a movie you haven’t seen? Jeez Louise, that’s a pretty sad attitude to take through life.

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